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  1. Damn, own goal for Paraguay after two minutes.

    …It’s getting a *bit* less lopsided now… England is still worryingly good. Crouch has been impressive.

    Very lopsided matchs so far.

  2. I so hate not having tv now.
    The own goal, good for England as it may be, does spoil some of the fun.

  3. A pale effort until he was subbed out. Because he’s still recuperating. Paraguay’s back in the game, and England’s became too passive. Now England’s better again, v. defensive. Not so lopsided anymore. I hope Sweden v. Trindidad and Tobago will be! I’m not that optimistic, actually, we’ve been unimpressive lately, and have problems in the defense. On the other hands we got better chances of going *really* far than in a good long while.

  4. I didn’t look at all that much of the match, and wouldn’t ahave looked at all if it weren’t our group. Pretty dull match. Engalnd was good, but I don’t know about winning the world cup.

    Maybe it’ll be Rooney-Crouch rather than Rooney-Owen? Maybe it ought to, anyway.

  5. Halftime.


    They’re a bit disorganized, but have been defending well. They’ve managed to slow us down. We’re too slow.

    We dominate, but not as much as we should. They’re better than people expected. We’re pretty decent, but damn, score a goal already.

  6. Guardian’s blog coverage is the best that I’ve seen. Relevant quote.

    “BUT WAIT, before you go and do auto-eroticism or talking to girls or whatever it is you people do on a Saturday night, because this game has major, majorish significance for good old England. Because, presuming England and Sweden both beat Paraguay and T&T, and given that England and Sweden are physically incapable of not drawing 1-1 (except for that game at Euro 92 when that corpulent oaf Neil Webb let that corpulent oaf Tomas Brolin run off the back of him to score a late winner. At 1-1), it will come down to goal difference.”

  7. We can’t beat a 10 man Trindidad??? I think I’m gonna kill myself. If Linderoth won’t be okay for the next game, we got problems.

  8. ‘And don’t come home and ice cream with a Bronze’, it was sung about the Swedish team the last time around. Yeah, well, no risk for that this time around either, one can plainly see…

  9. I am keeping a separate blog post with open comments for each of the football games I see. So far I have Germany vs. Costa Rica, England vs. Paraguay, Sweden vs. Trinidad and Tobago and Argentina vs. Ivory Coast. I missed Poland vs. Equador. The most important opening game of is on Monday when the US plays the Czech Republic.

  10. So, Brazil-Croatia. A fun game so far. Croatia is holding their own. Dagens Nyheter ranked them third likeliest of winning, which surprised me. They’re not bad. The Brazilians have to play defense sometimes and don’t like it.

    A pretty fun game so far.

  11. Goal! Brazil didn’t have a great game, but we’ve seen their amazing individual skill, and that’s what got them the goal, by Kaka.

    This means a whole different game, obviously.

  12. An even match. Fun too, I wish I had seen all of it. Croatia were very impressive. Brazil too of course, but they need to be even better to win the cup. They usually are weaker in the group though.

  13. Croats looked pretty good, even if they were way too sloppy in passing. Love Crna and Prso (his slopping end passes notwithstanding). Brazil is not unbeatable! Well, not at this stage.

    David, there are several inane posts that are nothing but spam (check the homepages). Can they be deleted?

  14. Halftime. We clearly dominate. The game slowed down after a while, picked up a bit in the end. Paraguay is OK, better than against England. We’re good. No goals yet. Not a whole lot of goals the for like a year. Fun game, except 10-15 slow minutes.

  15. The Dutch better start wetting their pants. I saw Argentina pound S&M 6-0! If The Netherlands do not beat Ivory Coast in an hour or so, they can go home. There is no way they can beat this Argentina. Wow.

  16. Who the HELL is Owen Hargreaves? Will this sport ever matter in North America?


    A Canadian Basbeball Fan.

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