the theatre of terrorism has a backcloth of newspapers

Australian “security beauty” (at least that’s what the other side call her) Leah Farrell on Swiss minarets:

To my mind the most telling thing is that this is yet another example of people failing to realise that terrorism’s efficacy stems from its ability to manufacture difference. This is the true impact of terrorism. It doesn’t come from the immediate death and destruction caused by a terrorist act no matter how hideous and how truly awful it is for its victims. The true power of terrorism comes from reactions to terrorist violence by those watching.

If terrorism is theatre, then this is set-design. BildBlog points out that the photoshopped image in several German newspapers that seems to show a minaret looming over a church tower actually shows a church twice as tall as the mosque.

Danny Cohn-Bendit, meanwhile, thinks the Swiss should be asked to vote again, which probably manufactures a little bit of difference itself.

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  1. Leaving aside Cohn-Bendit’s statement that essentially democracy is a good thing as long as people vote his way, and leaving aside the fact that societies should try to protect every single citizen, not in a statistical sense(I won;t do anything about it, because onely a few people die per terrorist attack), the point is that islamists=nazis. The sooner we deal with that fact, the less victims this inevitable confrontation will have.

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