The road to peace in the Caucasus runs through … Rome?

It’s no surprise that George Bush is sending Dick Cheney to the Black Sea region next week.  If media accounts are to be believed, and they are plausible, the Cheney faction in the administration had long pushed for a much harder anti-Russian line and may still be advocating more aggressive moves in the coming weeks.  But here is Cheney’s official itinerary

The Vice President will meet with President Aliyev of Azerbaijan, President Saakashvili of Georgia, President Yushchenko of Ukraine, and President Napolitano and Prime Minister Berlusconi of Italy, as well as senior officials of their respective governments. In addition to meetings with foreign leaders, the Vice President will attend and address the Ambrosetti forum entitled, “Intelligence on the World, Europe and Italy” in Lake Como, Italy.

The forum is apparently an Italian-centric mini-Davos but it’s perhaps of interest that no other western European leader is deemed worthy of the Cheney pop-in despite the continuing gravity of the situation.  Or because of the continuing gravity?   One wonders if a new parallel strategic track on Georgia is being opened via Silvio while the main channel continues with Condi’s interactions with France.

5 thoughts on “The road to peace in the Caucasus runs through … Rome?

  1. The neocon goal is war and corporate states which ezist outside of the rule of law. Italy with its increasingly very far right wing social policy would be highly useful towards that end. Imagine a policy towards minorities based on what Italy is now trying to do.

  2. One Washington wag observed that Cheney was going to Azerbaijan during the Republican convention because the space station was already fully booked. He’s got an obligatory appearance on Monday, a holiday in the US so hardly anyone will be watching on tv, and after that, the Rs want him as far away from press coverage as humanly possible.

  3. I wonder if there will be any negotiations with Russia, now that it has recognized the independence of the two regions.

  4. Unlike the French and German goverments, who made a show of Western consensus despite their differences with the US and eastern Europeans, Berlusconi actually blurted out some pro-Russian things during the fighting. Maybe the old charmer will be dropping by for a little chat about loose tongues.

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