The results begin to harden

Those numbers are starting to gel. There’s been movement, as one would expect, but mostly on the right-hand side of the decimal point. SPD look to have polled very slightly better, the Union very slightly worse than it seemed an hour ago. (But NB: Hessia is still uncertain.)

Schröder has just spoken. On the one hand, he ruled out Red/Green/Even Redder once again. On the other, he stated that he’d be continuing as chancellor. If he’s not merely spouting shite, that can mean only one thing: Red/Yellow/Green, the ‘Ampel‘. One wonders whether he already had a deal sewn up with Guido.

The Union have actually done worse than they did under Stoiber in the previous elections. The first post-election casualty, then, is likely to be Angela Merkel. There will be no shortage of CDU knives out for her now. Her career is probably over. And that’s a real pity; she’s far the best of the lot of them.

5 thoughts on “The results begin to harden

  1. If I had to put money on whether the FDP would remain true to their principles and reject the Ampel, or whether they would sell out for a share of power, I’d bet on selling out, every time.

  2. Merkel may be the best of the lot, but that’s not saying much. The biggest handicap of the “C” parties in my opinion is that their personnel is completely beyond repulsive throughout the whole line-up.

    (And the FDP ain’t much better)

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