The result

With the final result in Sweden’s referendum on the Euro being 56% no, 42% yes and 2% undecided the joint winners of the first Fistful of Euros prediction competition are Stefan Geens and our very own David Weman who both got closest, predicting a 54% no vote. It appears that the polls before Anna Lindh’s murder were actually quite accurate, both in predicting a ‘no’ victory and that it would be by a relatively large margin.

7 thoughts on “The result

  1. This has probably been covered elsewhere – but what is an ‘undecided’ vote? Is it a spoilt paper or actually an ‘undecided’. If the latter what would happen if the ‘undecideds’ got over 50%? Particularly if there were more ‘yeses’ and ‘noes’.

  2. The party leaders in Sweden promised that only the yes an no votes would be relevant. The undecided vote are a way for people to show that the appriate their right to vote even if the dont know how to vote.

  3. The post votes have not ben counted yet.
    Its 20 % of the total vote so the final numbers are not clear.

  4. Apologies – I’m used to the British system where postal votes are counted at the same time as the rest of the votes so I was assuming they had been counted.

    A quick bit of back of the envelope maths – assuming that postal votes are 20% of the total, if 87% of them are yes votes, then the yes side could still win the referendum. Obviously not likely, but would be interesting, not least for how they’d report it.

    On a more likely breakdown, it’d need to be about 55-45 in favour of the Yes side for it to end up around the 54-46 No victory that David and Stefan predicted.

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