The Other Side of the Mountains

Reading through this series of reports makes me glad that the border is mostly closed. But ideal regional setting for the Olympics, eh?

4 thoughts on “The Other Side of the Mountains

  1. The government is often ridiculed for its efforts to promote North Caucasus as a tourist destination. In Davos this year Medvedev tried to attract investors to ski resort development projects in Dagestan and Kabarda, among other locations. Sochi is a more calm place, though.

  2. Russia deserves another chance at the Olympics after the much-boycotted 1980 games in Moscow. It is also good that the Olympics will not come to Moscow or St. Petersburg; maybe people will see Russia finally, not the parallel-universe Russia that exists in Moscow where the money is.
    And Sochi is nice, good climate, picturesque. But in the end, this is of course a ludicrous idea, due to the, um, war next door. Someone WILL get hurt.
    Why didn’t they stage the Olympics in Vladivostok? That would have been an ideal alternative. Opens Russia up to Asian visitors, brings cash flow to the far East, and is safe and nice.

  3. Oh, want to know why they chose Sochi in the first place?
    Because Putin is trying to turn that coast into a Russian Riviera.
    Well, it IS the only place in Russia with palm trees, but even given the climate, it is ludicrous to think that with any amount of investment, and even if stability comes to Chechnya, that Sochi will ever compete with Nice or Monte Carlo.

    PS.Putin needs to realize that the money must flow both ways, and not just Siberia to Moscow. Unless he wants to lose the Asian half of his nation to the Chinese, that is.

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