the long awaited Jamie Kenny endorsement

Outsourced to Porter: 

The party will introduce a freedom bill, regulate CCTV, reduce local council surveillance, restore the right to protest, protect free speech, offer guarantees to investigative journalism, scrap ID cards, end plans to spy on email and internet connections, scrap ContactPoint, reduce pre-charge detention to 14 days and scrap secret evidence. The Lib Dems go much further than the Tories on the DNA database and offer wholehearted support for the HRA. 

On civil liberties, the Lib Dems win hands down.

I’m not a Lib Dem. I’m really just parking my vote there. I’ll probably vote Green once the crusties are ready for prime time. Good luck to the folk further left, but I don’t do movements. I’m a retail politics guy. 

Meanwhile, if you think that this stuff matters you should vote for it when it’s offered by a major party, especially since we’re now at the stage when it clearly doesn’t matter to either the government or the opposition. It’s way past time that social authoritarianism stopped being a cost free political option. And voting Lib Dem is the only realistic way I can see that you can at least try to make that happen.

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  1. Kia Ora Jamie Kiwi greetings – Frances young here – wishing you well.
    I was alarmed to hear this radio interview on Youtube – I am very out of the loop with counterculture debates on political realities – probably because I no longer have beers with you, and haven’t for well over 10 years.
    What is this all about?
    Ted Heath:
    what do you know about the credibility of Richie Allen and his guest Micheal Shrimpton … China running N.Z. and Ted Heath cover up?

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