The Fourth Annual Satin Pajama Awards

I hereby announce The Fourth Annual Satin Pajama Awards. You can nominate blogs in the comments to this post.

The purpose of the awards is to recognize the efforts and contributions of Europe’s many talented bloggers, to maybe help build a sense of community among us, and, more than anything, it’s a chance for people to discover lots of new good blogs.

A blog is eligible if it’s written by Europeans or has a European (Czech, Catalan…) theme. Our own blogs aren’t eligible. Finalists are chosen based on the number of nominations as well as editorial discretion. So you want to nominate a favorite blog even if someone else already mentioned it.

Please specify the category and provide a URL or link. We don’t have the time to track down blogs.

The polls will open sometime in April.

Nominees for Best Southeastern European Weblog
Nominees for Best CIS blog
Nominees for Best Writing
Nominate Best Culture Weblog
Nominees for Best Personal Weblog
Nominate Best New Weblog
Nominees for Best European Weblog Overall
Nominate Best Political Weblog
Nominate Most Underappreciated Weblog
Nominees for Best Humor Blog
Nominees for Best German Blog
Nominees for Best French Weblog
Nominate Best UK Blog
Nominees for Best Expat Blog
Nominate Best Academic Weblog

Best Political Weblog
Best Non-European Weblog
Best New Weblog
Best Humorous Weblog
Best Weblog By An Expatriate:
Best Culture Weblog
Best Expat Blog
Most Underappreciated Weblog
Best Writing
Best Personal Weblog
Best Expert or Scholar Weblog
The 2008 Satin Pajama for Lifetime Achievement
Best Weblog in Europe

Best Weblog From North Western Europe (The British Isles and the Nordic countries)
Best Weblog From Continental Western Europe
Best CIS Weblog
Best Southeastern European Weblog
Best Central European Weblog

Best French Weblog
Best German Weblog

2 thoughts on “The Fourth Annual Satin Pajama Awards

  1. Sorry, but are these awards actually happening? There’s no link to this list off the front page of Fistful, and no nominations as far as I can tell.

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