The crisis* in Lithuania

*So you thought we meant economic crisis?  Of course not.  Football!  The kind of crisis that comes with losing to the Faroe Islands in a World Cup qualifier.  Then again there are other matches this evening that people might want to discuss.  We’ll try to bring word of the Saudi Arabia vs Bahrain match in Riyadh, winner plays New Zealand.   One never knows what kind of geopolitics could come to the surface in that one.

UPDATE: No easy way to summarise the evening.  A bad night to be a small nation from the UK, a better night for small nations elsewhere.  France still looking for a path to the finals after an ill-tempered night at Marakana as they say in Belgrade.  But in that Riyadh match … incredible stuff as two late goals, one from each team, see Bahrain through to a playoff versus New Zealand for a spot in South Africa.  King Abdullah will be making some phone calls.

7 thoughts on “The crisis* in Lithuania

  1. Actually we don’t care too much about football here in Lithuania 🙂 We never were good at it…
    The prefer basketball. And therefore a biger problem is that we lost to Poland and Turkey during Euro championship. What a shame…

  2. Not everybody prefers basketball in Lithuania. For some it even doesn’t mean anything important. About football – well, that was a real shame to lose to them.
    When a basketball coach makes a pornography of the game – let the pornography admirers watch that. But when professionals footballers lose to the team of amateurs – that’s the real trouble.

  3. Well, apparently Sweden won over Malta tonight, thanks to a Maltese own goal… They claim it was an accident, but I think it was pity. = P

    We still hold second place in our qualifying group, so it must be a pretty awful one indeed.

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