The Country Where I Quite Want to Be

The Washington Post has sent a correspondent and a photographer to Finland for three weeks to “figure the place out.”

“Finland just might be the world’s most interesting country that Americans know least about. It has the best school system in the world, some of the most liberated women (the president is female), more cell phones per capita than anyone else, one of the world’s best high-tech companies (Nokia), remarkable information technology of many kinds, …”

Their report is bloglike and relatively interesting. The photos are great. The whole enterprise is a little odd, but hey, why not Finland?

All together Finnophiles!

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7 thoughts on “The Country Where I Quite Want to Be

  1. Nice series so far, even if it ignores a certain central Finnish reality, namely winter. I really like Finland (it’s literally in my genes) and would consider moving there myself, if it weren’t for the weather thing.

  2. Looking at it from finland, the reports (which are few) about the country tend to take a vaguely amusing zoo-like quality (..and here we have one of those wacky finns engaging in typical daily activities).
    Sort of rotating cliche of the year, looks like it’s education year this time (instead of,say, nokia,linux,e/i-whatever)

  3. TL, that is the daily experience of reading the international press on America. Obscurity may be preferable…

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