The Broader the Band

Hi everyone. I’m back from holidays, work and stuff like that. Well, now we know what all that amazing broadband in South Korea is being used for. What is rather less well known is that whilst South Koreans are apparently happily downloading pirated movies they are quietly enduring a government inspired block on a big part of blogland. So the PRC isn’t by a long way the only state which practices blocking!! Rebecca McKinnon reports that her Nkzone site, which ironically is to raise peoples awareness about the conditions of life in North Korea, is in fact subject to blocking in the South. Even the popular South Korea expat blog The Marmots Hole seems to have to be constantly on the move to avoid the block.

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  1. Y’know, the first time I saw one of those new GSM’s with the photo attachment, I thought to myself, the porn industry has to be all over this. If there is some dubious way to use a new technology, it’ll be the first usage found. If narrowband leads to music piracy, you know broadband will lead to video piracy. It follows as automatically as night follows day.

    As for South Korean censorship, this puts me in mind of Canada’s election censorship law – a very narrow restriction on reporting during an election that has proven basically impossible to sustain in the age of the ‘Net. The law was repealed before the recent election. The ROK has even less grounds than Canada had.

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