The Bloggies

Well, I guess someone has to lose. But, as someone said when we saw we were up against BoingBoing and others for Best Group Weblog, it’s nice to be nominated. Congratulations also to Zoe for winning Best European Weblog.

….David weighs in:

Congrats also to my man Francis, one of my favorite bloggers, who finally won best GLBT blog this year, and to Tom Coates who won Best UK blog and the lifetime achievement award.

It is nice to be nominated.

5 thoughts on “The Bloggies

  1. thank you for that – i am STILL pinching myself, although ‘The Bulletin’ ‘phoned me for an interview about belgian bloggers yesterday. the man calling didn’t realise what, exactly, a blog was ….

  2. On the subject of blog navel-gazing, I’ve just spotted that I’ve been shunted from “Left” to “Right of Centre” in the Fistful blogroll…

    Was it something I said?

  3. Aaahhh… So until you introduce a “liberal internationalist one nation Tory royalist European with a hint of Whig and Benthamite utilitarian” section, I’m a righty? Fair enough. Makes a change from being accused of being a communist, at any rate…

  4. I’m only guessing, really. I mean right of center by continental western european standards though.

    The blogroll is organized the way it is partly to make a point; that the blogosphere in general, and the european part of it in particular, gives you a very distorted sense of “the left” and esp. “the right”.

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