The best news this week

Well, maybe. I’m in a hopeful mood today.


A tree fungus could provide green fuel that can be pumped directly into tanks, scientists say. The organism, found in the Patagonian rainforest, naturally produces a mixture of chemicals that is remarkably similar to diesel.

“This is the only organism that has ever been shown to produce such an important combination of fuel substances,” said Gary Strobel, a plant scientist from Montana State University who led the work. “We were totally surprised to learn that it was making a plethora of hydrocarbons.”

3 thoughts on “The best news this week

  1. There are some really interesting ideas for alternative ways making petrol or diesel like fuels, and I’m also hopeful that some of them will work out. But I don’t get why there is so much effort being put into energy of the future, at the expense of all the things that could be done right now to make cars much more fuel efficient.

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