The best amusement park in Europe

It’s Playmobil Funpark, just outside of Nuremberg.

— Big: you can stay all day and still not do everything.

— Cheap: just 6.50 per kid. Food prices are also reasonable (okay, by amusement park standards) and you can bring a picnic if you like.

— Varied: whether your kid wants to climb, dig, play, or run around and scream, there’s something.

— Interactive: instead of passive “rides”, pretty much everything at PFP is interactive, from the huge sandbox to the large building full of toys. (Playmobile toys, of course.)

Really, I was astounded. It’s not Disney World, no — not as big, not nearly as over-the-top amazing — but on the other hand, a family of four can have a wonderful day for under 100 Euros.

About the only negative is that it’s targeted at a fairly narrow age group: big enough to climb and build, small enough to think it’s cool. Say ages three to ten. My six year old thought this was a solid slab of heaven. Five years from now he’ll be curling his lip. But you’re never going to make “Playmobile Land” interesting to teenagers, and the narrow-guage marketing makes it work better.

Oh, and: not to indulge in national stereotypes, but this park is just astonishingly clean.

It’s the end of July: vacation time. Where would you take the kids?

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  1. Sounds great. My dream holiday with the kids is a month on the Camel Estuary in Cornwall, surfing, climbing on the rocks, playing on the beach, a couple of trips to St Ives and Porthcurno for the culture, Padstow for the food.

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