The 1st Annual European Weblog Awards

Click below to see the winners of the 1st Annual European Weblog Awards, also known as the Satin Pajamas – first published on February 1st, 2005.

Best Coverage of the EU: Publius by various
Best Weblog From France: Journal d’un avocat by Eolas
Best Weblog From Germany: Lyssas Lounge by Lyssa
Best Political Weblog: Slugger O?Toole by Mick Fealty et al
Best Non-European Weblog: One Good Thing by Leigh Anne Wilson
Best New Weblog: Pestiside by Erik D’Amato et al
Best Humorous Weblog: Sadly, No! by Seb
Best Weblog Focused On A Single Country Or Region: The Glory of Carniola by Michael Manske
Best Tech Weblog: thinking with my fingers by Torill Mortensen
Best Weblog From the United Kingdom: by various
Best Southeastern European Weblog: Histologion by Talos
Best Personal Weblog: de bric et de blog by Veuve Tarquine
Best CIS Weblog: Siberian Light by Andy
Best Weblog By An Expatriate: Au Texas, tout le monde est fou sauf moi by Pasfolle
Best Culture Weblog: by Emmanuelle Richard
Weblog Most Deserving of Wider Recognition: Non Tibi Spiro by Guy
Best Writing: How to learn Swedish in 1000 difficult lessons by Francis Strand
Best Weblog: The Glory of Carniola by Michael Manske