That man again

In a long line of EU summits with global counterparts, there is an EU-Japan summit on 4 May.  As is customary, the European Council is represented by the presidency country which of course is the Czech Republic.  And as is customary, the PM would lead the Presidency delegation.  Except of course that the Czech Republic only has a caretaker interim prime minister (before an interim PM who will be economist and statistics office chief Jan Fischer takes office).  So Czech President Vaclav Klaus has exercised his prerogative and will represent the Council himself.   For a man who we’re constantly assured has no real power, he gets around.  Klaus has been revelling in the circumstances, pushing the “global cooling” meme and extracting every last drop of suspense from the still unratified Lisbon treaty.   One irony is that the meeting with Japan will occur in the context of a Kyoto Treaty — the bete noire of the global coolists — windfall for the Czech Rep., as it sells hundreds of millions of euro of carbon credits to Japan.  Nice to have during a global financial crisis.

4 thoughts on “That man again

  1. EWI: the several MP’s who voted against the Czech government were openly rebellious for over year. During several last months the government was practically unable to get anything approved in the parliament.

    P.O. Neil: Klaus does represent those Europeans who do not agree with the Lisbon treaty (and who, with exception of the Irish, got no chance to vote against it). He is not a looney appearing out of nothing and with nobody behind.

  2. “Klaus has been revelling in the circumstances, pushing the “global cooling” meme…”

    A link to some article or story about Klaus pushing the “global cooling” meme would be appreciated.

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