Terror Plot in Britain

Scotland Yard gets their man. Or in this case, at least 25 21.

Plots to blow up numerous planes en route from UK to US; Heathrow closed to incoming flights; numerous airlines cancelling flights; carry-on luggage effectively banned right now on UK flights; MI5 says threat is ‘critical.’ Glad my fishin’ trip doesn’t involve Britain just now.

A terrorist plot to blow up planes in mid-flight from the UK to the US has been disrupted, Scotland Yard has said.

It is thought the plan was to detonate explosive devices smuggled on to as many as 10 aircraft in hand luggage.

Obviously still developing.

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15 thoughts on “Terror Plot in Britain

  1. Yeah, you think Britain has a huge problem? No, nothing to see here. Multiculturalism solves all:

    “In a poll conducted for the Channel 4 documentary, only half the British Muslims questioned said they thought of Britain as “my country”, whereas nearly a quarter said they thought of it as “their country” – meaning someone else’s. The younger respondents were, the greater the alienation. Shockingly, one in three British Muslims aged between 18 and 24 said they would rather live under Sharia law than under British law. In a Pew poll of Muslims worldwide, a gob-smacking 81% of British Muslims said they thought of themselves as a Muslim first and a citizen of their country only second. This is a higher proportion than in Jordan, Egypt or Turkey, and exceeded only by that in Pakistan (87%). By contrast, only 46% of French Muslims said they were Muslims first, compared with 42% who felt themselves first and foremost citizens

    I would suggest mass deportation, but that would be racist/facist/(insert here hysterical, non-rational, nothing-to-see here knee jerk reaction).

  2. Rather than mass deportation what is happening is the migration out of Britain of native born whites. I am happy to have a new english brother-in-law and a new dual citizen here in the states.
    I would love to read of the demography of this. I read recently that outflow of British citizens now exceeds the inflow of australians and new zealanders into Britain.

  3. I would love to read of the demography of this. I read recently that outflow of British citizens now exceeds the inflow of australians and new zealanders into Britain.

    I suspect both figures are dwarfed by the influx from the set of EU countries that joined in 2004.

  4. Centrist, that has been the case for the last 100 or so years. Reverse migration from Australia and NZ is a post-Boeing 747 phenomenon and is mostly transient.

    KD, yes, that would indeed be fascist and racist. You have also used a bogus URL. This is a great way to land in our killfile. I wonder how many Americans would self-define as being a Christian first?

  5. Alex,

    No it would not be racist, rather common sense. But I realize that you types don’t really know or choose to ignore what racism actually means. Try the dictionary.

    As for the URL and Christian business, I have no idea what your talking about. They don’t call you a ranter for nothing, eh?

  6. Where on earth would you deport them to? I don’t care what people think of Britain, if they were born here or brought up here or work and raise a family here then they have the right to live here however they characterise their identity.

    And mass deportation is fascist – see Hitler, sweetie.

  7. KD
    that survey is skewed, im no fan of the British (being irish), but out of the countries they are the only one actively involved in iraq, so it is natural that british muslims feel solidarity with their iraqi counterparts.
    the irish had pretty much same experiance in uk than muslims, you could have asked similiar type questions then on got similiar results.
    as for Sharia law, thats merely fluff out there to distract you, the posibility of britian embrasing Sharia law is negligble if you examine the electoral mechanics british voting and population spread.

    anyway Sharia law as a threat is vastly overrated if it does what it says on the tin, which is govern.
    i imagine the residents of morgidishu are glad that they can experiance it, i certainly think it beats lawlessness. personally i’d not like it cause it is too curtailing of what i regard as my personal rights. however when you never really had those personal rights that i did, then how bad is it?
    certainly aint the worst form of goverment imo, theres so many bad ones out there, especially if you examine goverments from the point of view of all its citizens including minorities and such.

    but then its a black and white world for you KD i imagine, which is ok, after a while on the web you see so many left/right, liberal/conservative arguments and debates that have left me jaded and with the impression that this debate is a stalemate, both sets of opinions have hardned and it appears that there is no middle ground.

    but in the real world goes on, sh!t happens and people get on with their lives. so long as we aint trying to kill eachother its good. not so with the middle east, but hey, im always hopefull.

  8. “anyway Sharia law as a threat is vastly overrated if it does what it says on the tin, which is govern. ”


    And that´s the point were many people take the wrong mental track. From what I´ve seen and read so far Sharia law hasn´t anything to do with government in the sense of a republic, democracy or theocracy, it´s intended as a guidebook, a way of life that goes beyond statehood.

    You can´t base a government on a way life, in that sense all Islamic states that claim to be based on Islamic (read Sharia) law suffer from a structural contradiction the same way you can´t base a state with a government on the learnings of pure vegetarianism. Such a state would simply collapse under its own contradictions, duties and obligations towards its citizenry. In that sense it is ironic that Islamic fundamentalist continue to strive for it nonetheless.

    Please note, i´m not saying Sharia law is flawed itself. It can work under a functioning government (whether one wants to life under sharia law is another question) but make no illusion that you can base a government on it. That way lies only ruin even if it is only halfway. Iran is not a pure Islamic state, it´s a persian semi-theocracy that continues to struggle to keep it a “pure” Islamic state even if it is a dangerous illusion.

    Ultimately, something has to give. The question is: how and when?

    Personally I believe that if 9/11 had never happened and if we had ignored and let Afghanistan run its course without intervention it would have socially imploded at some point. No matter how hard Pakistan would have tried to prop it up. The trouble is that sometimes we don´t have the luxury to wait things out.

  9. Glad they caught them. Hope they roast them. But I bet you that next week we will find out that it was just a bunch of little shits emailing each other fantasies and that there weren’t even explosives. In the meantime–Osama got what he wants having scared the West into over-reacting.

  10. “He saw it as his duty to stand up for his community and that’s what led him to know George Galloway. He has a lot of respect for him and has met him many times,” – the sister of one of the alleged would-be airplane bombers.

    We’ve known for a very long time that Galloway is a man who tolerates anti-Western violence – his long and passionate support for mass-murderer, Saddam Hussein, proves it. But what does it say about the state of Islam that one of its young believers believes that the best way of “standing up for his community” is not to make arguments, or proselytize, or campaign – but to murder innocent civilians he has never met. There is something terribly sick within the Muslim mind at this moment in history. It is Nietzsche’s ressentiment, but with God re-attached. We should indeed fear these people for the hideous carnage they can wreak for the sake of their God. But we should never let our fear overwhelm our contempt for them – their sickness, their evil, their petty insecurities, their inability to live meaningful lives and their attempt to assuage this by murdering others in God’s name. Yes, they evil. But they are also pathetic, miserable excuses for human beings.

  11. I live in the USA but I consider myself a world citizen first. Does that make me a terrorist?

    Kid D, are you actin’ stupid or jist stupid?

  12. I think I can see the day, and it may not be far off, when the TSA/airlines will banish ALL carry-ons. Everything goes into the luggage bin that you can get in your pocket or purse. On the plus side, it will make getting on and off the plane a whole lot easier and that’s gonna help in curbing terrorism too.

  13. It’s great for railways. If you really need to arrive two hours before departure and need to wait for luggage checkout, trips under 4 hours are impossible. Short hauls flights are a waste of time.

  14. The numbers might be very speculative, I think.
    Those kind of speculations are very helpful to police who gains more respect by scarying people.

    Thank you for sharing this story with me !

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