3 thoughts on “Terror in Greece.

  1. Hello, again, all,

    Many thanks for taking No-Pasar?n out of the right-wing category. Much appreciated.



  2. How could they have known the perpetrators were home-grown? Surely this is just the kind of politically-motivated conclusion-jumping that just cost the Spanish PP their jobs? And yet nobody seems to be getting worked up about it this time.

  3. How could they have known the perpetrators were home-grown?
    Maybe because Al Quaeda’s MO does not involve firecrackers in the middle of bloody nowhere (as far as the Olympics are concerned), as opposed to local anarchist groups who somehow consider this a decisive blow to state power?
    Similar “attacks” are not uncommon over here. Part of a “Cowboys vs. Indians” game between cops and anarchists. Given the This kind of story doesn’t make headlines anymore, and this one was in the spotlight only because of world attention… It was item number three on two radio station news yesterday morning (before the furur)…

    About the lack of a work-up vs. what happenned with the PP in Spain: In Madrid 200+ died, while in Athens a few windshields were broken…

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