Perspective, lads; perspective

Further to that business about the Turkish government advancing, and then as quickly aborting, plans to criminalise adultery, the very valuable ?????????? (Histologion) notes that:

It’s a good thing that the state of Virginia won’t be applying for EU membership anytime soon, since it is one of the 23 US states, where adultery is considered a crime (while having sex out of wedlock is considered a crime in ten)! In the American Bible Belt Erdogan’s Islamic party would be considered way too permissive I fear…

Which only goes to show what I have always said: comincia il paese di Deliverance venti kilometri al’ovest dell’ Hudson.

If I may lapse into pedantry for a moment, though, I believe it’s safe to say the state of Virginia will never be in a position to apply for EU membership, for Virginia is not a state but a commonwealth.