In No Hurry

The EU Observer reports today on how some states are decidedly tardy in producing their Lisbon Agenda action plans:

Embassies are due to hand in their national plans, consisting of 30-40 page dossiers with statistical annexes, by the weekend, with EU experts flying back and forth to member states in the past few weeks to help finalise the texts.

France, Sweden and Denmark told EUobserver that they will not make the Saturday deadline however, while question marks hang over Germany and Poland as well.

Paris hopes to send in its document by the end of this month, Stockholm is aiming for 21 October and Denmark for the “next few weeks”, citing delays over the late sitting of parliament and translation back home….

The UK, the Netherlands, Greece, the Czech republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia confirmed that they will get their plans in by the weekend however, with the Czech republic claiming to have had its text finished months ago.

Mind you, we should put all this in some kind of context, according to another EU Observer article the OECD (see this post) is at pains to convince some member states that they really do need to seriously address their early retirement culture!

Europe needs to stop subsidising the early retirement of its citizens, despite social protests caused by pension reforms, according to a new OECD report…….According to the paper, several European countries have been striving to sustain their early retirement culture, introduced in the past as a way to tackle high unemployment among young people