Tweeted and Facebooked.

To keep up with the fast changing world of social media, in addition to our recently added Twitter feed, A Fistful of Euros now also has page on facebook, which allows you, our gentle readers, to become an outspoken “fan” of afoe, and discover freshly published afoe posts right in your facebook activity feed. Have a look. Just click on the links in this post, or on the twitter or facebook icon in the sidebar.

@foe is online again.

Just a brief note to those who were using our European web aggregator @foe before we had to take it down due to the CMS transition – the aggregator is online again. I will continue to improve a few things in the next couple of days, including adding more feeds, so you may still experience shaky behavior at times. But basically – it’s back. So go forth and vote…

Update – I just realised that there were a couple of CSS problems that were caused because the conditional IE6 CSS code wasn’t loaded properly since the transition to WordPress. Since all the about 20% of you, who are still using IE6, suffered in silence, I’m asking everyone else using a less frequently used browser to tell us if there are any issues with the design. Thanks for your help!