More Things Finnish

Just a couple of background papers on Finland. Firstly this working paper from Jaakko Kiander “The Evolution of the Finnish Model in the 1990s: From Depression to High Tech Boom“, and a paper from Francesco Daveri and Mika Maliranta: Aging, Technology and Productivity (which you can find in this working papers list).

You can find the abstract below the fold.
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‘Those Politicians’

Last Monday I had some ironing to do. Then I remembered that television still has one advantage over surfer-blogging: you can do the ironing at the same time. Of course the upcoming referendum was on several channels. I could not stand more than 20 minutes of it though (neither the ironing nor the tv). The various program presenters seemed to want to make it look like this was a political *debate as usual*, or so it seemed. National politicians dominated the guest lists. And most of them did what we expect from them nowadays: instead of seriously and conscientiously considering arguments, the majority of them seemed more intent on achieving a high score in something resembling a high-school debating-contest. Television comes in handy here.

In fact one of these *debates* was actually organized like a contest. Six politicians were invited. On every issue two of them went into a direct confrontation and the 6-minute sessions were immediately followed by a ‘flash vote’. And the winner is…
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