Italian Elections, Now The Serious Part Starts

At the time of writing Berlusconi is still filibustering, but it seems to be simply that, rather than any serious attempt to derail the outcome of the electoral process. Meantime the financial markets are adapting themselves to the new reality.

I too am gearing myself up for what looks like being a very bumpy ride ahead. I have dusted off some of the rust from an old weblog I used to maintain – Italian Economy Watch. Many of the posts I have been putting up are simply recycled versions of material which has appeared here at Afoe, but it does at least serve the useful purpose of keeping all the posts tidily in one place. Recent posts include The Future Of Italy’s Young, Addio, Dolce Vita, Or Twilight of the Idols?, Italy Had Zero GDP Growth In 2005, Les Jeux Sont Faits, and The Italian Government Has A New Crisis.

But talking of new crisises, I fear Italy has a pretty old one (puns intended), and the ratings agencies are only just starting to get their minds round the problem.
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