November 4th

A lot of attention has been given here in Europe to the US presidential election 2008. According to some recent polls 78% of the French, 72% of the Germans and 68% of the Spanish would like to see Obama in office. Some European pro Obama “voters” see him as a welcome change from Bush, others are looking to America as an example of true democracy (how many black presidential candidates have we had in Europe?) and still others think he would usher in a new era of Transatlantic friendship and cooperation.

What do our readers think? First of all, who will be the next US president? What would it really mean for Europe to see Obama victorious? And what about McCain? Surely he must have something to offer us as well?

And, as a bonus question, are there countries in Europe that are ready for a black, or immigrant, PM or president?

Personally, I have no real answers to these questions. The only thing I am worried about is this:

Oh, and check this out. (hat tip Sargasso)