Methinks We’re On The Slippery Slope

OK you may be in for a bout of solid over-posting. There seem to be some signs in the air that push may be about to come to shove. Tomorrow I will try and do something on financial architecture and the euro. Meantime this is a ‘light’ warm-up post. The efficient cause is today’s news from Portugal, which suggests that the supposed Harrod-Balassa-Samuelson free-lunch-honeymoon (which has to count as one of the worst pieces of ‘justifying what there is simply because it is’ pieces of quackery where there should have been solid science known to recent history) may be about to come to an end. One of those darned ‘catch up’ economies may have just caught up so hard that’s it’s come to a dead halt. The Bank of Portugal has predicted growth of only 0.75% this year, and even that only if there is the anticipated growth in global demand (which I doubt extremely). Those who have read my Parmalat post will have seen that I am already begining to speculate about whether we are about to see the end of growth in the Italian economy, well just remember Portugal is lined up nicely in the queue to see where lunch is going to be served.
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