More Things Finnish

Just a couple of background papers on Finland. Firstly this working paper from Jaakko Kiander “The Evolution of the Finnish Model in the 1990s: From Depression to High Tech Boom“, and a paper from Francesco Daveri and Mika Maliranta: Aging, Technology and Productivity (which you can find in this working papers list).

You can find the abstract below the fold.
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Hepatitis Potato

I just found out about the potato hepatitis B vaccine in a odd way. Solid info from the BBC “An edible vaccine against the deadly liver disease hepatitis B may have been developed by scientists in the US.

Chunks of genetically modified potato may be enough to give immunity without the need for an injection, they hope. ” However “‘
They have not cracked it yet, but it is very exciting’
Professor Graham Foster, consultant hepatologist at the Queen Mary University of London”

I found out about this at unfogged between a story about a very unfortunate cat and a photoshoped image of Donald Yodafeld. Ah the internet.

I happen to be a fanatical supporter of genetically modified foods and have been for decades (that is since they were an idea not a meal). I consider civil disobedience whenever I drive the two kilometers to Grottaferata (comune anti-transgenico).

The potato does seem a bit hyped (as gently noted by Foster) but vaccine producing plants are likely to be seriously useful.

I would also mention IgA a class of antibodies which is absorbed when eaten. Milk contains IgA which is absorbed by infants. This is one of the important reasons that breast feeding is better than pure bottle feeding even in developed countries with safe drinking water and where people can afford formula.

It seems to me that modifying plants to produce human IgA would have its advantages, since, as mentioned above, IgA is absorbed before it is digested.
Also a vaccine with a hybrid IgA-antigen hybrid protein might work better than simple antigen.

The result of Dr Yasmin Thanavala and colleagues does remind us that genetically modified foods can, in theory, be allergenic even if the unmodified plants are not. It is good to be allergic to hepatitis B, but the principal has been proven (again).

By the way, anyone know whatever happened to golden rice ? I don’t think anyone is actually eating any.

Correction: I was totally wrong when I wrote “I would also mention IgA a class of antibodies which is absorbed when eaten. Milk contains IgA which is absorbed by infants.” Milk does contain IgA but it is not absorbed. The clas of antibodies which is absorbed is IgG not IgA. My father explained this to me. Also, although baby rats definitely absorb IgG, even he is not sure baby people do (different mammels defnitely differ in which proteins they digest and which they absorb). Thus my idea might just be a good way to vaccinate rats.