Optimism On The German Economy

Both New Economist and MacroBlog seem very upbeat about the prospects for the German economy. Macroblog cites Bloomberg and says “Things are definitely looking up“. New Economist is rather more guarded, pointing to the IMF forecast, and the recent Federal Statistics Office announcement that second quarter growth came in at 0%. But New Economist find faith in an (old) Economist view that things are getting better in Germany’s surprising economy (ask Doug on the main page about the surprising bit 🙂 ). As New Economist says “Of course the Economist can get it wrong, but in thbis case maybe they’re onto something”, while as Edward replies “of course the IMF can get it wrong, but in this case maybe they’re onto something”

The Financial Times definitely comes down on the side of the optimism camp, but in their case with significant prudence:

However, fears Germany?s election system might result in a fractious ?grand coalition? between the CDU and Social Democrats may have damped expectations more recently and economists remain cautious about the strength of any German upswing. Holger Schmieding, economist at Bank of America, warned that expectations were fickle and that ?the economic upswings heralded by major surges in the ZEW in mid-2002 and early 2004 both turned out to be disappointingly shallow and short-lived?.

As for me, well, for my part
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