Katja Gelinsky’s Peculiar America, Pt. 2

This time on the front page of the German newspaper whose web site has marginally improved. “Prosecutor demands death penalty for Moussaoui”

Well blow me down. In their closing statements, do German prosecutors generally call for less than the maximum punishment for the offense being tried? “Well yes, your honor, we have just spent weeks telling you how guilty the accused is. But never mind that. We believe the accused should be let off with a slap on the wrist.” I don’t think so.

Think what you will of the death penalty, that is the maximum penalty for the crimes to which Moussaoui has pled guilty. The prosecutor would be remiss in his duty not to seek it. Think what you will of the case against Moussaoui, this is the prosecutor speaking, not the judge, still less the jury. He has a duty as an advocate, and he is discharging it.

A prosecutor seeking the maximum penalty is not even news, much less page one. Unless you have a peculiar view of America.