A Warm Welcome

To Desmond McGrath, adding his expertise, wit and wisdom to the AFOE mix as a guest writer for the next three weeks. Desmond is based in Budapest, Hungary, so we are getting a few forints’ worth along with all of our euros. If we’re really lucky, he’ll explain the wonders of the double-long vowel and old Hungarian currencies.

Though Canadian by background, he’s been in Hungary since the early 1990s. He remembers when FIDESZ really was a youth party, Meciar’s first tangles with his country’s Magyar minority, and all the heady days of looking forward to EU membership. Now that Hungary is on the inside of the tent, he’s continuing to give astute analysis as an editor at Hungary Around the Clock.

He’s said that his first post will be on the ironies and peculiarities of Hungary’s current minority government. Welcome Desmond!

Stanley Kurtz….

…is at it again.

Gay marriage undermines marriage….okay, I admit it. I’m a cranky, stick-in-the-mud conservative who keeps making the same tired old point.

And again, he fails to provide proof, sticking instead to his familiar method of talking out of his ass.

So, once more I get to remind people that Stanley Kurtz is a quack who got his Harvard PhD by expanding Freudian quackery from the mere individual to entire peoples (“psychoanalytical sociology” it’s called. You should read Kurtz on the Oedipus Complex of the Trobriand Islanders). Quackety quack.

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