ECB Interest Rate Policy

Brad Setser has a post today on Kate Moss, not provoked by her evidently economically intriguing modelling properties, but due to the Kate-Moss-thin credit-spreads which Bloomberg’s William Pesek refers to in this article. What really turns Pesek on it turns out isn’t Kate Moss at all but the possible existence of links between China’s economic boom and the recent surge in popularity for credit derivatives.

And it is in the context of this evolutionary chain that Brad Setser’s work on China and Systematic Risk offers itself as some kind of missing link.
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Things That Can’t Go On Forever, Don’t

Ok, the sun is shining nicely down here in Barcelona right now, so maybe this is a good moment to come out and provoke a storm. The euro: something gives, but what? Actually it is perhaps ironic that I have chosen today of all days to write this, since for once it seems the euro may fall rather than rise: well to someone who is accustomed to marching out of step, this almost seems par for the course. Never mind, tomorrow, or the day after, we will be back to normal, and the seemingly unstoppable rise will continue. The only remaining question really is: where is breaking point, and what will happen when we get there?
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