Serbia: tick, tick, tick

That’s the clock ticking down the last months of the current Serbian government.

The ruling coalition, never stable, is visibly crumbling. The Socialists — Milosevic’s old party — were supporting it, but they’re split down the middle now, and may bolt over the appointment of a new foreign minister.
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Globalise or Die?

I don’t know if he had Europe specifically in mind, but this is the message from Singapore’s finance minister Lee Kuan Yew in this interview in the latest issue of Yale Global Online. As he puts it:”If you’re not driven by profit, and do what the communists used to, which means price equals cost plus, then your economy will collapse.” Is this message being heard here in the EU? If the comments my posts on Indian outsourcing are anything to go by, it isn’t. And if the results of the survey mentioned in my last post are well founded, the consequences of this neglect may not be long in making themselves felt. To give a measure of where we may be on this one, France currently has China at number 16 on its list of trading partners, behind Peru. Turning your back on global supply chains won’t save your job, it will only completely finish it off.
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