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We’re looking for a few good blogs.

If you’ve been paying close attention, you might have noticed our blogroll is changing. We haven’t cleaned it in a while, and link rot has set in — some blogs have stopped posting, some have moved, some just aren’t around any more.

Cleaning the links is the first step. The second is to find exciting! new! blogs to add to the roster. For this, we could use your help.

So: we’re looking for interesting blogs about matters European. Cast your nets wide, readers — we’d rather have too many links than too few.

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One in a million!

It’s too bad that WordPress seems to break HTML in the title field – so I can’t use a modest Roman numeral to indicate that it’s you! Yes, you, reader from, who clicked on a link in your google reader at 2:32 am CET, who is the one millionth sitemetered unique visitor to A Fistful Of Euros. Of course that doesn’t mean you’re actually the millionth person to see this page or read its content. After all, the definion of “visit” is different from counter to counter, as is the definition of unique visit. Moreover, doesn’t have a chance to count even one of the about 4000 feed subcscribers we have – according to our feed statisticians over at – if they don’t come here in addition to reading afoe in their favorite feed reader.

Still, it could have been anyone – but it was you! Congratulations! To you – and to us.

Charting the European Blogosphere.

Actually, I’m not entirely sure there is a European blogosphere yet, as most blogospheres seem to develop in their respective linguistic markets, complemented by a couple of English language (non UK) blogs operating in the same markets. Thus, the European blogosphere, narrowly defined, is still a rather tiny community.
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