Dreams of empire (plus bleg for our Turkish readers)

Via Dutch weblog Sargasso. Somebody in Turkey posted the following video to YouTube:

This was picked up by Sargasso and one of their Dutch readers posted the following response:

Totally inane, of course, but I think it is rather amusing.

And now my bleg for our Turkish readers. Is the YouTube video Great Türkic State a spoof or is there something more serious, as in juvenile fantasies, behind it? Unfortunately, I cannot read the comments to the vid, hence the question. I know of Turkish nationalism, but I cannot believe this would extend to… China.

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Update: Huib Riethof has an interesting background article that explains the Dutch video response.

The author of the video doesn’t explain him(her)self. I presume, that he/she followed the same fantasy as the young princess Wilhelmina (born 1880) did during the nineties of the 19th century, when she drew a Dutch imperium over most of Northern Europe, and adding all (former) Dutch possessions in the world (see above).