SWIFT and European privacy law

Henry Farrell has a good piece up at Crooked Timber on the issues involved in the SWIFT data disclosure controversy. His case is that SWIFT did not, in fact do due diligence under Belgian law when it decided to give its records to the CIA. There is a precedent concerning US efforts to gain access to airline passenger data to the effect that whether or not a legitimate national security reason existed for the disclosure, it was not up to SWIFT to decide on behalf of Europeans.

It’s a good explanation of the issues at stake in Europe, and well worth the read.

3 thoughts on “SWIFT and European privacy law

  1. I should be shocked by this, but a) I rather assumed it was going on, and b) I can’t think of any good purpose financial confidentiality serves, or rather, I suspect the disutility of other people knowing my income and spending would be outweighed by the utility of the public being able to read (say) the head of BAE’s bank statement.

  2. Why do you think you or the public has any right to read the head of BAE bank statement or any other?

    Why don’t you post your personal bank records right here, then you can make a better informed decision about bank privacy issues in a couple of weeks.

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