And the leavin’ is easy.
Fish are jumpin’
Folks gotta fly.

Which, with apologies to Gershwin, is just to say that posting is likely to be much slower for the next few weeks.

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About Doug Merrill

Freelance journalist based in Tbilisi, following stints in Atlanta, Budapest, Munich, Warsaw and Washington. Worked for a German think tank, discovered it was incompatible with repaying US student loans. Spent two years in financial markets. Bicycled from Vilnius to Tallinn. Climbed highest mountains in two Alpine countries (the easy ones, though). American center-left, with strong yellow dog tendencies. Arrived in the Caucasus two weeks before its latest war.

5 thoughts on “Summertime

  1. Damn lazy Europeans.
    *We will bury you!* (Imagine me pounding my shoe on a table as I say that.)

  2. Have a nice holiday!

    Just two things about the poll question:

    – it is not Wienna but Vienna. Or Wien, if you want. Very beautiful city. I studied there for 3 months.

    – Why is Brussels not in the list? It is the capital of Belgium and of Flanders??? And it is the place where the administration of 7 of 9 Belgian legislative regions (incl. the federal) is situated. Brussels is a very nice and beautiful city. There is no place on earth where you can eat better.

  3. “Wienna” is from one of our non-natives, and I don’t have access to the poll part of the interface to sort it out.

    Maybe Brussels isn’t on the list because it would be a runaway winner? It’s got, as you say, Belgium and Flanders, plus the EU and NATO. Maybe it’s time to give other places a chance…

  4. Forget Brussels, shame on you for leaving out Dublin! Not that we need Europeans to tell us that we are the greatest capital city, not just in Europe, but the entire world!

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