Stanley Kurtz….

…is at it again.

Gay marriage undermines marriage….okay, I admit it. I’m a cranky, stick-in-the-mud conservative who keeps making the same tired old point.

And again, he fails to provide proof, sticking instead to his familiar method of talking out of his ass.

So, once more I get to remind people that Stanley Kurtz is a quack who got his Harvard PhD by expanding Freudian quackery from the mere individual to entire peoples (“psychoanalytical sociology” it’s called. You should read Kurtz on the Oedipus Complex of the Trobriand Islanders). Quackety quack.

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3 thoughts on “Stanley Kurtz….

  1. One of the nicer things in our news is about a stork population in one of our animal parcs. The population consists of 9 males and 7 females – and they found that three couples decided to go for same-gender houshoulds 🙂
    Two male couples and one female couples started brooding on eggs and taking care of the young when the eggs hatched.
    There is no difference in upbringing between the homosexual and heterosexual couples 🙂

  2. I have NO problem with gay marriage but I DO have a problem with gays raising children. I had a baby boomer slut for a mother and no father and always had to explain that the asshole currently shaggin my mother was not my father. I can’t imagine expaining that the guy cornholing my dad is not my dad either. The fundies might be right on this issue alone.

  3. Actually, Kurtz is quite brilliant in his analysis. The fact is, there is no good argument for societies that wish to remain stable to accept(advocate)anything but marriage between one man and one woman, and to discourage all other forms of sexual union. Check out this article.

    Just because we can conceive a thing, doesn’t mean it’s the thing to do. Tolerance does not mean advocacy. We tolerate drunks, but that doesn’t mean we should put a societal stamp of approval on being a drunk. Gays have yet to prove that their choice is biologically determined, or socially desirable. History, biology and logic mitigate against advocacy. I can love a drunk while at the same time, reject his behavior. Homosexuality can only be objectively defined as a behavior, a behavior that cuts a third off the lifespan of SanFrancisco’s practicing gay men.

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