Just so no one shall be able to say that a ball is simply a ball at afoe, and since it’s a weekend, I’ve decided to tell you, gentle readers, about a quick’n’dirty short film concerning the “true meaning” of the “Miracle of Bern” – Germany’s surprising victory in the 1954 world championship – that I’ve shot with a friend, the German film-maker Sebastian Linke, last year.

While we’ve chosen a rather atypical setting to make a contribution to football philosophy, it’s really a paraphrasing of Camus, an existentialist short film about the way the beautiful game can help us all to free ourselves from our ontological prison. It’s a film about rules to comply with and rules that need be broken. A film about the the game that is life. If we have the balls. And that’s why it’s called Spielvergnugen. We dared to omit the umlaut.

We’ve shot Spielvergnugen in two hours using a standard miniDV camera, 8 bottles of beer, 3 straws and 2 condoms. The film is in German – and it’s clearly more fun if you know the original radio broadcast – but I think the English subtitles are working quite well.

You can find the youtube flash wrapper below the fold. Hope you’ll enjoy!

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  1. Very cute and an excellent initiative!
    I love the morose attitude combined with the excited commentator on the background.

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