specialness news

The Tory manifesto calls for a “special relationship” with India, apparently combined with a “strong and effective” relationship with China. This is an exact copy of US policy, even if our special relationship with them isn’t so special anymore. We’re going to be special on our own. 

This obviously raises the question of what side Britain would take if Sino-Indian rivalries got really serious. The obvious answer involving potential conflict between nuclear powers that account for one third of the world’s population would be to encourage neither side to do anything drastic. And that would be difficult to do credibly if one of the countries involved is “special” to you. 

Also, does that mean a Tory run Britain would take the Indian view on Kashmir? Because that ain’t the view of British Kashmiris, presumably including the ones in the Tory Party. 

Interestingly, the Tories also want the other two BRIC countries as permanent members of the UN Security Council, which among other things would give them all an excellent opportunity to caucus together.