Speaking of Medal Counts

Applying Tobias’ methodology and the standings published today in a German newspaper, whose web site really could be better organized, we get the following line for the medal count:

USSR – Gold 28 – Silver 35 – Bronze 41

Not quite the dominance of the bad old days, but enough for second behind the equally imaginary EU team, and a touch ahead of their noted rivals from the western shores of the Atlantic.

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3 thoughts on “Speaking of Medal Counts

  1. Obviously the US only entered three comnpetitiors per event against up to 75 from the EU. So we still have some catching up to do!

  2. Ah, now, since you let an EU team stand, shouldn’t the western Atlantic shores be allowed to form, say, a NAFTA team? Let’s count that:
    NAFTA – 38 Gold – 86 Silver – 33 Bronze
    Which would put it ahead of the USSR team albeit not in reach of the EU. Most of all, it would heal some Canada’s hurt pride. And the Mexicans shoud be happy too.

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