4 thoughts on “Some kind of collision

  1. The one thing that Bush versus Kerry as President, is that he has control of both houses of Congress, so he has the tools to turn this around, if he were adroit enough to do so.

    That said, the willingness and the ability to understand the problem and take the necessary steps to correct the situation, that has not proven to be Bush’s strength.

    I suspect that Bush’s party will crucify their Dear Leader rather than adhere to the discipline necessary to right the badly listing ship of state.

  2. Bush will be gone in 4 years and one month.

    Polarization of electorate in a national crisis? America changes its politics all the time.

    Are the republicans really going to remain the spending party?! A large part of their constinuency wants to pay the mortgage, send their kids to college and have good jobs.

    And perhaps the democrats can actually appeal to religious people. And fear mongering could be replaced by an attitude that americans once held, of self reliance and fearlessness!!!!

    REAL NATIONAL NEEDS are more easily sold than false ones. I bet most americans would welcome with great relief a society less fearful and more optimistic.

    So, what is likely to happen is that the americans will do a combination deal, EXAMPLE;

    1. First an innovative idea-greatly reduce all the skimming industries with information and technology and law. Every law written by the USA government lawyers must come complete with easy forms and contracts pre-written so that citizens and businesses can easily conform without being stopped cold by the law itself-laws of regulation, tax, or compliance would all be included.The investment industry is also a net drain that provides essentially no service. Many other industries provide little.
    2.The lower dollar improves the trade deficit; 3. Welcome foreign businessmen and students and travellers 4.A little higher interest rate can be tolerated, but not much ..interest at 5% or lower allows the youth and the poor to contribute to the economy in a huge way..low interest rates are ESSENTIAL!!! 5.Slightly higher tax rates for certain groups that wil not hurt the economy 6. lower military expenditures (lots of expenditures are one time deals right now), 7. Reduce some social security (Canada clawed it back from the middle-middle class and up), spread out the ballooning effect of social security by passing on some debt to the post baby boomers,8. Legalize marijuana and a few other soft drugs, make hard drugs available through government-medically supervised institutions. Bring in more taxes by accepting that the de facto policy of the government is to have a 10 million strong work force of non-citizens, so locate them and allow them to work in any job they choose and tax them.
    10. Reduce the effect of lobbyists (the 2 party system is nuts! 11. Utilize relationships with other international organizations and countries so that the US is given a break on its military and other foreign expenditures 12 Be more productive than ever 13 Remove guns and quit incarcerating people in a legal system constructed from an outdated system contrived in Europe 100’s of years ago-when most people could not even read or write (policing and legal expenses would drop in a huge way) 14 Find a way to get americans to change their value system (just a little) so that they spent their money more efficiently 15 give nurses more responsibilities – break the gridlock between insurance companies, doctors, lawyers and pharmaceutical companies holding the US hostage 17 Quit popping pills, eat right and exercise
    18 Rational transportation-trolley type cars in the inner cities, car depots on the exterior of cities Infrastructure improvements

    I will stop. I bet the readers could add another 50 ideas .. and they could be quantified. I have not even looked at land usage, education and a host of ideas…

    There exist a host of remedies that together can amount to much more than the calamaties mentioned such as RAISING TAXES, REDUCING SOCIAL SECURITY DRASTICALLY, FINANCIAL COLLAPSE. The grid-lock can end in a heart-beat, say by an astute politician who gets some money behind him with good press, at the right moment.

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