Soft dictators?

Jasmina Tesanovic dances on Berlusconi’s career in soft dictatorship. I can’t help but wonder, if he was a soft dictator, what his entirely unelected replacement selected to please the ECB, European Commission, etc. is.

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6 thoughts on “Soft dictators?

  1. Probably: choice of fools

    Austerity, if it is to be sensible, will have to last for years. There will be elections in the South during all that time. They are likely to be about that single issue.

    So what except for a few months is that policy supposed to deliver?

  2. actually, monti was elected by parliament, as berlusconi was. so there s no absence of political legitimacy. however, in the grand scheme of things, if Germans keep shooting themselves and EU in the foot, monti or berlusocni wont make much of a difference.

  3. If you wish to uphold the legal fiction that voters vote in only a parliament, then you will come to that conclusion.
    However, everywhere in Europe they put up posters with their candidate for PM.

    If what parties do after the election ceases to have a connection with what they stood for before the election, we can stop voting for parliament. If the moment of choice comes in that regard, the EU is not worth saving.

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