Simple Answers to Simple Questions

Ron Asmus, of the German Marshall fund, asks

“Is this president and Administration capable, in its last 18 months in office, of using this new lineup [of leaders] in Europe to begin to lay the foundation for a new relationship for his successor?”


Concept of simple answers gleefully lifted from Atrios.

2 thoughts on “Simple Answers to Simple Questions

  1. That article is all kinds of funny, it’s so obviously written with such a heavy bias.
    But the most amusing line is one just above the line quoted above:
    “Can the West afford to wait that long?”
    Like, what will happen if they don’t make nice with the US Real Soon Now?

  2. Actually, this could be a very productive time for transatlantic relations, down below the headline level. People positioning themselves for post-Bush, people who may be coming in, people young enough to want to be around the next time the Rs are in charge in DC, plus folks from the new European governments who would like to make a mark. All of those have incentives to make progress, however that is defined within a particular policy area.

    Over at Newsweek, F. Zakaria has a big think-piece on US foreign policy after Bush. The simple fact that major media are publishing such things shows that the post-Bush period is in effect already here.

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