Simple and repellent: update

Does anyone else think the simple and repellent plan is getting a little traction? Certainly, more and more mentions of the idea of buying back tons of distressed Greek debt and therefore both reducing the total and converting it into a liability between Eurozone official institutions seem to be out there.

They better be: here’s a study into the effects of the crisis on European suicide rates.

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3 thoughts on “Simple and repellent: update

  1. The suicide story is the typical noise exploit.
    This might sound cynical at the first moment, but after you have seen this more than a dozen times, you get used to it, just select some small countries, out of a lot more and bigger, and select 2 suitable years, and you will ALWAYS find the trend you want.
    So, please plot trends for at least ten years, and for all EU countries, and this noise will disappear.

  2. Evans-Pritchard estimates the northern surplus states will have to pony up 10 trillion Euros to rescue the insolvent states. After expenditures of 2 trillion Euros Germany is still transferring wealth to the failed socialist state of East Germany. What are the chances the people of the surplus states will agree to part with 10 trillion Euros?

  3. I never thought the its because of financial problems causing those from Europe’s to commit suicide. I thought that Europe is not having any problem with their economy.
    I am sorry for them.

    Sandy from mini-ski Rossignol 

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