Shaped Like Prague

Just when you thought the Czech Republic had finally turned into a normal, boring European country…

Prague blogger Doug Arellanes has re-capped the Czech PM apartment scandal story thus far, saving me the trouble. (Frankly Arellanes has told the story better than could have.) As he rightly says, the story “is taking on magical-realist tones.” It’s worth reading, just to give you a taste of what passes for High Politics in the Czech Republic these days — and, for that matter, all other days. As Matt Welch notes, “This story is somehow shaped like Prague.” (And he hasn’t lived here since, what, 1995?)

Read the story first, then click on the clickie for more goodies…

Here’s the latest from the Czech daily Lidove Noviny: “Gross’s creditor may have been treated for mental illness

An unnamed source from Rod’s Prague house has confirmed that Rod’s behaviour is sometimes “odd.” “He pretended to be phoning, but he has no mobile in his hand or a hands free in his ear. But he claimed to his ‘phone’ that he will arrange something in the government,” the source added.

That can’t possibly say what it looks like it says. “An unnamed source from Rod’s Prague house”?? I wonder how the atmosphere’s gonna be around the dinner table tonight…

The dilemma for a number of Czech journalists following this story — some of whom actually remember Rod from his days as a writer at Mlada fronta — is how to report the increasingly bizarre tale with a straight face.

Some defenders of Stanislav Gross have complained that the Czech premier is getting “special treatment” — i.e. the press is drilling him too hard — over what appears to be a relatively small, er, financial irregularity. Gee, could it be because he’s the friggin’ prime minister?

It also doesn’t help that when the press first started sniffing around, Gross responded not by coming clean, but by trotting out with a whole wheelbarrow filled with bull puckey. Nice one, Stan.

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  1. The original Czech article refers to a “nejmenovan? zdroj z okol? pra?sk?ho Rodova bydli?t?”—literally an “unnamed source from the vicinity of Rod’s Prague residence”. So no, it prob’ly wasn’t his wife. 😉

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