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Describing some events in the last months of 1989:

Meanwhile, an unknown KGB agent in Dresden, Vladimir Putin, had tried to pile so many documents into a burning stove that the thing exploded

In Europe, by Geert Mak, p.718

I’m nearing the end of the book, and it’s living up to my initial impression. More, perhaps, when I’m all the way through.

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  1. I’ve been about halfway through In Europe for ages. Taking my time with it, because it’s so packed with interesting little snippets like that. One of the most enjoyable general 20th Century European history books I’ve come across – precisely the sort of thing I hope I’ll get the chance to write one of these days, if only someone would commission me…

  2. > Speaking of 80s Putin, check out the tourist in this photo:

    Um, so? I see young Sergei Ivanov 🙂

  3. NM, you might be interested in Dark Continent, by Mark Mazower. Interesting arguments about 20th century Europe, though picking up my copy for a moment I wonder how they have held up in the decade since the book’s publication.

    Similarly, there’s Five Germanys I have known, by Fritz Stern. I wrote a bit about it here.

  4. Ah, yes – I’ve been meaning to read Dark Continent. Mazower was the missus’ tutor when she did her MA at Birkbeck a few years back – sounded like an interesting chap.

    Must have missed Stern’s one – looks intriguing as well. Will put it on the list to dip into after I finally polish off In Europe and Tony Judt’s Postwar, another top-notch recent addition to the historiography that I think the other Fistful Doug raved about last year sometime.

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