Senate: 158-156 Prodi

Corriere della Sera is now reporting that the Italian Senate is breaking 158-156 to the Left, with the lower house going 340-277. The controversial six seats for Italians abroad, introduced by neo-well actually quite-fascist minister (a former member of the Salo Republic’s army) Mirko Tremaglia, seem to have backfired badly on their inventor, with 4 out of 6 going to the Left (German link) and pushing them over the hump.

The Italian right was so keen on those seats that Forza Italia appeared on the overseas ballot as “Italians Abroad with Tremaglia”, which sounds to me at least worryingly like a support group for sufferers of some sort of embarrassing disease. Still, all’s well that ends well, which is probably not what the mafia boss of bosses Bernardo Provenzano is saying right now, having been busted after 40 years on the run. Not that I’m saying there was any connection..

It still might not end well, though, as Berlusconi is babbling about a government of technocrats (German), presumably as a way to stay in office and out of jail a while longer. That could happen either on the basis of a grand coalition (which the Communists are pledged to reject) or alternatively, by somehow dodging the election results.

Market Watch: The MIBTEL has given up some of yesterday’s gains, down 0.67% at 1430 local time..