Second time as more tragedy

[16:36:17] David Weman skriver: hey, I just thought of something?
[16:36:25] Alex Harrowell skriver: yes?
[16:36:36] David Weman skriver: what’s the difference between realists and neoconservatives?
[16:36:45] Alex Harrowell skriver: tell me
[16:37:20] David Weman skriver: realists are bismarck, neoconservatives are wilhelm II.
[16:37:38] Alex Harrowell skriver: +1
[16:37:59] Alex Harrowell skriver: or worse, Conrad von Hotzendorf * (actually his reported political views are remarkably similar to those of NRO et al)
[16:39:27] Alex Harrowell skriver: what worries me most of all about this is that being Wilhelmine Germany’s enemy was tough, but it was nothing compared to being one of their *allies*

6 thoughts on “Second time as more tragedy

  1. I’m standing on the train roof of history, shouting “Stop”, in the face of the inevitable decline of our superior civilisation. Clearly, there was nothing else I could do but pick up some crappy little country and smash it against the wall, to show I meant business.

  2. Well, we’ve got an imported Austrian, but at least we have an anachronistic constitutional clause that keeps him from becoming Chancellor President.

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