9 thoughts on “Satin Pajamas: Best New Weblog

  1. The best new weblog is most definitely Four Bees at http://4bees.blogspot.com
    Has to be read to be believed.
    Fascinating details on Budapest, Bratislava, Brixton and Brussels.
    Witty, sardonic, interesting and erudite.

  2. My two favorite European blogs of 2006 are:

    Desirs D’Avenir, Segolene Royal’s campaign blog. You can log on and participate in the French revolution without leaving your desk.

    Managing Globalization, Daniel Altman’s excellent blog at the International Herald Tribune. Every day Altman posts a question regarding a news item concerning globalization, and a loyal and ever growing pool of readers explicates the issues with him. The posts appear in English, though quotes and links from French blogs are fine. All items are posted in Paris time.


  3. This blog is about North Korea. It’s in portuguese but has a lot of photos, videos and slide shows about the country of Kim Jong-il. I was in North Korea last August 2006.

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