royal hunt of the Clegg

This is from the wiki about human sacrifice among the Aztecs: 

 What we can glean from all this is that the sacrificial role entailed a great deal of social expectation and a certain degree of acquiescence. Sahagun's informants told him that key roles were reserved for persons who were considered 'charming…quick..dances with feeling.. without [moral] defects … of good understanding … good mannered'(Sahagun Bk 2: 24: 68-69). 

For many rites, the victim had such a quantity of prescribed duties that it is difficult to imagine how the accompanying festival would have progressed without some degree of compliance on the part of the victim. For instance, victims were expected to bless children, greet and cheer passers-by, hear people's petitions to the gods, visit people in their homes, give discourses and lead sacred songs, processions and dances …  [and] these [pre-sacrificial] rites were performed in the case of all the prisoners, each in turn. 

It should also be remembered that these sacrifices were ritualistic and symbolic acts accompanying huge feasts and festivals. Victims usually died in the "center stage" amidst the splendor of dancing troupes, percussion orchestras, elaborate costumes and decorations, carpets of flowers, crowds of thousands of commoners, and all the assembled elite. 

This is basically what Cleggy and the Lib Dems were subjected to this weekend, an intensive process designed to socialise – hypnotise, almost – them into propping up a Tory government under circumstances that would lead to their annihilation, with Cameron playing the role of Mexica high priest and “the markets” playing the role of Huitzlipochtli and kindred other Gods whose anger needs to be appeased. See also the solar king myths of prehistoric Europe. 

As it happens, the LDs are showing some signs of resilience to this process. But we shall see.

UPDATE: Scratch all that. David Cameron is Edward Woodward.

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