Round of Sixteen

Wasn’t there some sort of sporting event going on?

So both the finalists from last time have been sent home in various combinations of sorrow and shame. As one observer noted, “The really weird thing is how attractive I find most of the cultural products of these countries otherwise. Lots of people hate France on principle, [but] the puzzle is how two countries this great produce football teams that are so reprehensible…”

Mind, now that the initial euphoria over Italy’s departure has passed, in the cold light of day we must acknowledge that Holland-Slovakia is not quite as thrilling a prospect as Holland-Italy would have been. But at the end of the day, it’s hard to be sorry.

And, hey, England-Germany.

Consider this an open thread.

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10 thoughts on “Round of Sixteen

  1. England-Germany: yes. Roll on the penalty shoot-out and England’s traditional Fail!

    Though seeing them walloped 8-0 in regulation time would be an acceptable second-best.

  2. Hey, being scared of the Germans is so 90s. (Especially after the Euro2000 game, in which one of the worst England teams ever managed to beat them.)

    There are people in our squad who weren’t alive for Italia 90…

  3. Factory: alas!

    Alex, Mrs. Tilton: we’ll see soon enough. The betting sites seem to think it’s close to even, with a slight edge to Blighty.

    Doug M.

  4. As for the outsiders;

    Japan gave my home country a thorough lesson yesterday, I fancy them to give their next opponent some trouble and I am also in love with Chile’s team who play with great pace even faced with adverse conditions.

    I have Brazil as the final winners; they have the most complete team although Spain is definitely up there.

    Germany v England … hmmm, Germany has played the better football this time. I am on England’s side here though …


  5. And I am on Germany’s side, although a lot of that has to do with the fact that several of the boys play for Bayern München, just up the highway. Still, the “traditional” England-Germany rivalry, with all the World War references (even Jon Stewart piled on this time) is part of the fun. Without all the backstory (as you mention with the culturals aspect of the countries), it’d just be a telenovela for men.

  6. It is great being in Germany these days and see Germans shake off for a couple of weeks their national identity problems. The world cup is in Germany probably one of very few events where it is politically correct to wave the national flag and sing the anthem. It all started in 2006 with Klinsmann and his spirited team.

    For the England-Germany match the press has already waged bitter war on both sides. The English being far more aggressive. Let’s see if they will remain so on the field. The Germans are the young underdogs so I’ll be on their side this time :). Anyway this is a classical. The kind of match why we love and play football. A pity it’s only the 1/8-th finals.

    Am a little dispirited by the US being out :(. Had high hopes their team could make football more successful in USA by a couple of last minute wins.

  7. Germany-England: Robbery or Massacre?

    Lampard’s disallowed goal may well spell a change in FIFA. I mean disallowing the goals of a minor nation like the USA is one thing, disallowing an English goal is completely different. You’d think refereeing would get better than in 1966.

  8. Well, that disallowed goal could (and it’s a big could) have changed things but England was a wreck. They would have lost anyway. I didn’t see anything worth of a great team from them. So it was definitely a massacre.

    As far as FIFA regulation goes I think football needs controversial decisions and human errors. It is part of the game, part of its history otherwise there would be nothing left for us to discuss in the pubs :). One could very (I actually mean extremely) easily have footballs with RFID chips so there would be no need for referee assistants at all.

  9. Yes I agree, Fifa need to sort this out the booss at the top needs to leave, he is a cock. IF technology is available for every other sporting event then football show use it. If Fifa complain about the cost god help the rest of the the World. THe football industry is worth billions a year so pull your fingers out.

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